Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Friday, January 1st, 1864

Last night the wind blew a tempest and the thermometer fell rapidly -- the weather yesterday was mild & pleasant, tonight the mercury is only 4o above zero.  Annie who has been sick with diphtheria nearly three weeks is still unable to sit up but her physician Dr. Regnier pronounces her decidedly better.  The year 1863 is gone.  In looking back over it we have much cause to be thankful.  As a family we have been greatly prospered.  Rufus & Ephraim although in perils oft, have been kept alive and unwounded, those of the family who have been sick have all recovered, our pecuniary affairs have been in a good state, debts paid when due, many pleasant & comfortable things have been procured, no great trial has assailed us - so we may devoutly & sincerely thank God for his manifold goodness & mercy towards us.  The New Year - what has it in store for us?  Changes I know for some coming events do cast their shadows forth.  
William got home from Cincinnati very cold & tired -- train 4 hours late.

Peggy's comments:
With the beginning of the new year, Julia Cutler began writing in a new journal.  Unlike the small date-book that she used for 1863, she used a larger book and therefore had unlimited to space in which to write.

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