Saturday, January 11, 2014

Monday, Jan. 11, 1864

A mournful day for this household.  What is God doing with us --  Annie is dead -- our precious darling.  God pity us.  This morning William went to Chillicothe without any apprehension of her danger, she seemed so much better & talked so pleasantly.  I went in to see her just after dinner.  She seemed comfortable & cheerful.  Her pleasant “thank you Auntie” were the last words I heard her speak.  After that she went to sleep.  On awakening she said to her cousin Kate who was sitting with her “Kate, it tires me so when I sleep in day time.”  She raised up, & took a drink of water from the table at her bedside, threw up her hands with a slight groan and was gone.  Kate sprang to her, took her in her arms, put water on her face, called to the family -- but before we reached her, she had ceased to breathe.  We could not believe it.  We wrapped her in a hot sheet, we put mustard & a blister on her breast, stomach, and stimulants into her mouth, but she was unconscious of all our efforts.  She died about a quarter before three. Without terror or alarm for she knew it not, til she was present with the Lord who hath said “of such is the kingdom of Heaven”.  John had started on the first alarm for the Doctor, and W. D. Bailey took a dispatch to the Gravel Pit for William.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey was here & very kind, also B. C. Bailey & wife, and Mrs. A. S. Bailey. Emeline McClure came and staid all night, and Mr & Mrs. Lyman Hart were also here and as kind as they could be.  Sister Sarah came on the evening train and mourns with us for she loved Annie.  The doctor did not come.  John went to three, they knew it would not avail.  William arrived a little before midnight on an extra train, to find the lips he had kissed in the morning cold in death.  Mr. Burgess was here when Annie died, he was cruel in blaming us for having employed a doctor.  I said “The Lord gave & hath taken away.”  He said, “yes, by the hand of the doctor.”  Mrs. Burgess, Maggie here.

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