Monday, January 6, 2014

Wednesday, January 6, 1864

Cold night.  Thermometer at 9o above zero.  This morning, in the afternoon sun shone, and melted the snow on the south side of the roof so as to cause dripping.
Kate went to Mr. Burgesses this afternoon & staid to tea.  Maggie is sick but getting better.  Annie wrote a letter to Marion Robertson Hunter but was very tired when she got through.

Here is Annie’s letter to Marion:

Constitution, January 6, 1864
My Dear Marion:
I thought, perhaps, you would like to get a letter from me, and hear how we are getting along.
I have been very sick with the diphtheria, and am not well yet.  I awoke one morning and found that I had a sore throat; I did not think much of it, but it got so sore, that the next morning we had to send for the doctor.  He brushed it out and gave me a good many bad medicines, but it had to be brushed out a great many times before it got well.  I was almost well, but I took cold, and was sicker than at first, although my throat was not so sore.  It is so cold that I can not get strong very fast, and still have to stay up stairs.
We were very agreeably surprised by having Ephe come in on Christmas evening.  He gave Sarah and me each a very pretty pen-knife and a great deal of candy.  I must tell you what I received on Christmas--my presents were all books.  Mama and Maggie each gave me a book, and Kate gave me a Bible as a reward for having read it through.
On New-Year’s, Kate gave me a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress, and Mama a very pretty gold ring.
For the last box we sent to the soldiers, Sarah and I made comfort bags, that is, bags with needles, pins, buttons, paper, etc., in them.  We each of us wrote a little letter, and put in the bag, and, perhaps, the soldier that gets it, will answer the letter.  Would not that be nice?
On Monday before New-Year’s, just after dark, a freight train ran off the switch, at this station; the engine rolled down the hill on the engineer, who was badly scalded, but not killed.  They brought him down to our house, and sent for the doctor who dressed his burns, and the next day he was taken on the train to his home, in Chillicothe
I forgot to tell you that Dr. Hart has gone to New York this winter, and I had to have Dr. Regnier, who is very kind to me.
Sarah sends you her love.

Your affectionate,


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