Monday, January 13, 2014

Wednesday, January 13, 1864

The funeral of dear little Annie took place at half past ten.  Mrs. Dawes & Lucy and George Cutter came on the morning train.  Her coffin also came, it is covered with black velvet with silver handles & screws.  A wreath of rose geranium leaves lay around her head & a bouquet of geraniums and fever-few tied with white ribbon lay on her breast.  Rev. Mr. Curtis was here and made excellent & appropriate remarks.  They sang the “Shining Shore” which was a favorite with our darling, and also “Thou art gone to the grave but we will not deplore thee”.  Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. E. G. Andrews & Mrs. F. Dodge aided in singing the last.  After these services the procession moved to the station and went on the train to the Gravel Pit -- And then the bearers carried the coffin to the graveyard.  They were George Cutter, John Kountz, John Hutchinson, Calvin Finch, Addison Knowles, and James D. Bailey.  A wide road had been shoveled through the snow to the graveyard, and all around our lot.  I never was there before when the ground was covered with snow.  It seemed cold & dreary but we know that while her body lies there, her living spirit is with Christ the Lord.  The sun shone out, and seemed to speak to us of hope in our sorrow.
Among those who came from town were Col. J. Mills, Mr. W. W. Graves, Mr. & Mrs. F. Dodge, Mrs. President Andrews, Mrs. E. B. Andrews & her daughter, John Newton, John & James Means, Mr. & Mrs. Ridlow, Mr. L. Reppert, Col. T. W. Moore.

The neighbors were all here, almost, and appeared to sympathise with us.  Mrs. A. S. And Mrs. W. D. Bailey staid at the house, also Emeline McClure, with Lucy Dawes who was too unwell from Diphtheria to go with us.  They had dinner prepared for us and Mr. Curtis stopped and partook with us.

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