Thursday, January 9, 2014

Saturday, January 9" 1864

Thermometer 8o above zero.  River closed with ice opposite here.  Kate went home with her mother to see Ephe who starts back to his regiment on Monday night.  This is Jennie Shedd’s birthday, also of little Jennie Cutler.  Little Sarah has been celebrating her birthday in advance--the tenth coming on the Sabbath.  Col.  Moore & his wife called this evening.  They came in a sleigh & Ephe came on the train with Kate to say good bye & returned again to town.  George Cutter here.

Peggy's comments:

Little Jennie Cutler was one of the many children of William and Lizzie Cutler who died in childhood.  She was born in January of 1861 and died in April of that same year.

Jennie Shedd is sister to Kate, Lucy, Rufus and Ephraim Dawes.  She has been living in Persia as a missionary since her marriage to Rev. John Shed in 1859.

Sarah Jane (Jennie) Dawes Shedd

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