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Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1864

A cold morning, the thermometer 1o above zero in the porch.  Every tree & shrub is thickly robed in the purest frost work, and the whole earth is white with a snow which fell last week.  Mrs. Burgess came & staid all day.  Lizzie & William feel the loss of their dear little daughter very deeply, and to Kate & me the bereavement is scarcely less.  She was not an ordinary child, she had a strong will and was self reliant, but unobtrusive.  Was very conscientious in the performance of every duty, whether it was reading the Bible which she had done in course the last year, (even on her sick bed she began it again on New Years’ day and continued to read her chapters daily) -- praying -- preparing her lesson & to recite to her cousin Kate -- practicing under her mother’s instructions on the piano -- or performing her tasks about the house, all was done faithfully, very seldom did she require to be reminded of a neglected duty.  She was tall for her years, with soft brown hair, long eyelashes, and large beautiful grey eyes.  She had a pretty forehead, and a sweet mouth with very red lips.  She had not much color in her cheeks unless she had been exercising and yet her health had been excellent never having kept her bed for a day until her last sickness.  There was an intelligence and sweetness in her smile that made her face very interesting --

But her brief & happy life is over.  God help us to submit.  The unexpectedness of Annie’s death seems to have shocked all the neighborhood -- and many have called to express their sympathy.  Mr. & Mrs. Joel Deming, Thomas & Betsey Bailey, Mrs. George W. Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. Dickey, Joanna Scott, Mr. B. C. Bailey, and Mr. L. Hart & others were here today.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey & Mrs. Charles Dickey staid all night.  Mr. Hart says a number of friends from town wish to come, and wish an extra train for their accommodation.  It will be sent.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey wrote some beautiful lines which she sent to Lizzie on Annie’s Death.

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