Friday, January 24, 2014

Sabbath, Jan. 24, 1864

This is my birthday, a sorrowful one to me for my heart mourns for dear little Annie whose young life gave so much fairer promise than mine, she so loved and cared for, with the elements of a noble character, certain of Christian culture, and a healthy mental development, with a prospect of wealth -- how much good she might have done -- how much happiness conferred  -- but she is taken and I am left.  But God is wise to determine our destinies and who shall call Him to account?
Another cloud just now is Kate’s contemplated removal.  I hope and believe her happiness will be promoted & therefore acquiese, but the loss of her society will be a sore one to me.
Mr. Wakefield preached for us today, a good sermon on conversion as illustrated in the case of [unreadable].  He is a good preacher.

The ice which has bound the river since Jan. 9th today broke loose and drifted down & gorged at the head of James Island.  The river is rising and ice drifting --  There is much apprehension of loss of boats & other river property but the snow is going off without rain & the rise in the river very slight, which is favorable.

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Julia Cutler was fifty years old on this birthday.

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