Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thursday, Jan. 28, 1864

Thermometer at 62o above zero in the shade.  I sat in my room with the window open, and found it very pleasant, much less ice running today, two or three steam boats passed.  Mr. Franklin came and got three horses & a mule for Railroad work, these animals have been kept here during the winter.  The little black mule is quite a character, very vicious, and has been boarded up in his stall for some weeks past and food and water given him there.  He was pastured awhile on Hocking where the people had a perfect terror of him.  He got out of the field and into some of their houses & performed some antics, which made him decidedly unpopular.
A dispatch from William saying a heavy slide west of Big Run will detain the train until midnight.

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