Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday Oct. 17, 1862

Agricultural fair at Veto near Mr. Dan Shaw's.  Nancy went.  Kate sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers with directions to have it given to Mrs. Perry of Barlow after the fair.  Col. David Barber called.  He said he was sorry for the result of the election.  We have not yet heard from Morgan county; but Monroe is reported to have given Morris 1900 majority.  No doubt he is elected.

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  1. It should read "Veto," a town about 7 miles due west of Julia's home. Like the town of Constitution, the town of Veto was named for Julia's father, Judge Ephraim Cutler, and his anti-slavery work at the Ohio Constitution Convention in 1802. A marker was erected at Veto in honor of Judge Cutler. To view it, search for Veto at