Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 16, 1862

A dark, cloudy day, rain in the afternoon.  Circle met at Mr. Briggs.  William at home.
No returns from election as yet, but from the insolent manner and noisy manifestations of passing Democrats hurrahing for James R. Morris, the Secesh candidate for Congress, I suppose they feel sure of the result.  The paper tonight says but four Union congressmen are known to be elected in this state.  One of these is Schenck, the opponent of the traitor Vallandigham.  I am glad that he is defeated as he deserves to be.  I am sorry that our good state which has sent to the battlefield more than 100,000 of her sons must fall into the hands of the enemies of liberty and of the government, because her true men have gone to fight and are not here to vote.  I fear that we have deeper waters to pass through than ever before, for when the wicked here rule the land mourns.

Peggy's comments:
Ohio's congressional districts were re-districted for the 1862 election.  The incumbent of the 15th district, Democrat Robert Nugen, retired.  William Cutler, Republican, ran against James. R. Morris, Democrat.

William had represented the 16th district.  James R. Morris had represented the 17th district. The 16th, which had been Republican, went to the Democrat.  The 17th, which had been Democrat, went to the republican.

It was difficult, if not impossible, for the men who were off fighting in the war to cast their ballots, which could very well have made a difference in the election results.

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