Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tuesday Oct. 21, 1862

A regiment of soldiers passed on the cars today.  The officers rode by horseback.  Two soldiers of the 116" called for water and lunch.  The government seems to be sending many troops into Virginia from Ohio.  What does it mean?  Are the rebels coming westward?  Who knows?  Things look badly in Kentucky.  Buell as might have been expected has let Bragg slip through his fingers and make off with his plunder.  The papers say a battle near Winchester, Va. is impending.  The Commercial and other conservative papers begin to cry out for vigorous action.  I sometimes feel that all the blood and sacrifices of a noble patriotism have been in vain.  We are undone by the procrastination and vacillation of the powers that be.  It is now said that France and England are about to recognize the Confederacy.  The success of the Democrats in so many districts encourages the rebels more than victory on the field of battle.  That corrupt party has brought our beloved country to the brink of ruin and seems now about to plunge her over the precipice.  I verily believe the only hope for safety is the interposition of God.  If he does not fight against them that fight against us, we are lost.  "Lord, how long wilt thou look on?"  "Shall they escape by iniquity?"  "Shew us a token for good that they which hate us may see it and be ashamed because thou, Lord, hath helpen us and comforted us".
Kate and the children went to Mrs. G. W. Bailey's to take a little baby's hood which Kate has knitted for her.  In the afternoon Lizzie took Annie & Sarah up to her mothers -- William came home from Chillicothe.

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