Monday, October 22, 2012

Wednesday Oct. 22, 1862

William started to Amesville on train. Kate spent part of the day at Mr. Burgess's.  Mrs. Terril here ironing.
 A man from Virgnia here.  Said he lived twenty one miles from Parkersburg, owned a farm which he lived on and another which he rented.  He had been obliged to send away his horses to prevent the guerrillas from getting them and could put in no crops for want of a team.  Said a man who stood by the government could have no satisfaction living there.  The guerillas were very bold coming not only at night but in open day, taking what they chose but especially horses.  He had a wife, three small boys and a little girl.  His oldest son nearly of age would probably go into the army but he wanted to get the rest of his family away where they could live in peace.  He had been sent to William as likely to have a farm to rent.  We have had many such applications since the war began.  Truly the land mourns.  He spoke of hearing cannons in the direction of Charleston last Friday mrning, and that there was a rumor that Cox had taken that place.  I doubt it.

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