Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 23, 1862

Two companies of the 116 O.V.I. marched up past here today going to Marietta.  Miss Ann Reppert and Miss Parker from Harmar came to solicit something for the festival of the Soldiers Aid Society to be held in Harmar tomorrow evening.  We gave them two cans of delicious quinces and a large can of pickled cabbage, a quantity of Rome beauties (apples) and "any amount" of flowers.  Miss Parker is a refugee from Norfolk, Va.  Her father, a lawyer was driven out on account of his Union sentiments.  The ladies of the family are boarding in Harmar.  She "admired old houses" like ours, they were "so antique" and the garden, the cannas looked "so tropical" &c. & c.
Lizzie and I went to prayer meeting at Mrs. Burgess'.  William came from Amesville.  He settled with Mr. Wilcox who thinks of going up into Hardin county to settle this fall.  William has for his share four or five hundred bushels of wheat worth a dollar a bushel, and three hundred dollars worth of corn and hogs.  For the capital which William invested in stock he receives 125 head of catle and 199 sheep.  We have on this home farm 194 sheep.

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