Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday Oct. 31, 1862

The troops at Clarksburg, Va., under Gen. Milroy, Gen. Crook &c. have left that place moving on toward Stanton.
The two companies of the 116" Reg. who marched up by here last week went down on the cars yesterday.  The low stage of water in the Ohio throws a large amount of business on the railroad.  The earnings for October will not fall much short of $80,000.
There is an "infare" party at Mrs. M'Clure's tonight.  A large number invited.  Kate came home on the evening train.  It was late and we did not go to the party.  Old Mrs. Candace Harris, daughter of John Cole, and widow of Willard Harris, was buried today, aged 87 years.  She with her father's family came to this place in the beginning of the present century, one of the first settlers of what is now Warren.

Peggy's comments:
An infare was  A house-warming; especially, a reception, party, or entertainment given by a newly married couple, or by the husband upon receiving the wife to his house.

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