Monday, October 1, 2012

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1862

Kate went with Mrs. W. D. Bailey to see Mrs. Greenwood and Julia.  They are almost heart broken.  Mr. Greenwood has gone hoping to find him alive.  How sad it will be to find him dead.  Gen. Rosecrans, on whose staff he was, telegraphed his death to Mr. Beman Gates.  He had sent to St. Louis for a Metallic Coffin, the body being preserved in ice until its arrival. 

Lizzie and the children took dinner at Mr. Burgess with Mr. and Mrs. John Newton.  They came down here, spent the afternoon and took tea.  Mr. Newton is a member of the military committee of the county.  He thinks they are well organized now and could resist an attack successfully.  

The rebels now talk of annihilating the Baltimore Ohio R.R. threatening to blow up bridges and tunnels and level embankments and utterly destroy the road.  After this done from Harpers Ferry to Wheeling and Parkersburg, they expect to exterminate the Pierpont Government.  All this looks like making western Virginia the seat of war.

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