Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friday Oct. 24, 1862

William and Lizzie went to Marietta to perfect a deed to John Henry of some land in Cerro Gordo county, Iowa, which he sold Mr. Henry for his farm on Little Hocking adjoining this place.  Kate also went to town.  It was long after dark before they got home, all very tired, the train being some how belated.  A regiment of soldiers passed down on the cars today enroute for western Virginia.  Emeline M'Clure was here calling today.  Her brother William has just returned from Clarksburg, Va.  There are now four brigades at that place or about 23 thousand men.
The 36th are said not to like their new Col.  They have been much complimented and are very proud of their drill  -- lately in the presence of some strange officers some blunders occurred which mortified the regiment sorely -- I believe the Colonel is brave enough & talented enough to make a fine officer & has every motive to be diligent.

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