Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 1861

Ephraim came on the early train bringing the coffin for dear little Jennie.  It is covered with black velvet and lined with white muslin, the dear babe looked sweet, her little hands clasping a cluster of blue forgetmenots--  Prof. Andrews, who came down with Sister Dawes on the second morning train to attend the funeral said he never saw a lovelier babe, every feature so perfect, and so much more expression than was usual in a face so young.  After the exercises at the house she was placed in the grave at the side of Ephie who died last August.

It is reported this morning that Virginia has seceded from the Union and that Harpers Ferry has been siezed.  John Minor Botts, hung, etc.  These telegrams may soon be contradicted.  Mr. Botts in a recent conversation with President Lincoln at Washington in reply to the query, What is to be done with traitors? is reported to have said, "Give hemp to the leaders and grape to their followers."  
At half after twelve William went on a freight train to Harmar & came down on the afternnon train with N. L. Wilson, Pres. of the M & C R.R. who is on his way to England and expects to sail on the Persia.  While we were at supper we heard an extra train up from Belpre whistling loudly & continuously as it neared our station.  This was a signal for William, who on going up, found that Wilson on reaching Belpre had received such disheartning [sic] dispatches, that he had turned back.  It was said that there was fighting at Baltimore, the mob opposing the passage of troops through that city on their way to Washington.  The report is that the troops were assailed with brick-bats & stones & that they fired on the rabble killing seventy of them--  William went up to Harmar with Wilson where he heard by telegraph that Government had removed the arms and burnt the arsenal at Harpers Ferry.

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