Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tuesday April 30, 1861

Rained this morning, after which, I planted some flower seeds, thinking perhaps I might not be here to see them blossoming.  Mrs. Greenless called & talked of the war.

The First Regiment of Light Artillery-Third Brigade, Fourth Division of Ohio Volunteer Militia from Toledo & Cleveland, now stationed at Marietta in Camp Putnam is commanded by Colonel James Barnett, who is said to be a truly pious man.  One who heard him speaks of the excellence of his prayers on the parade ground with his regiment, of whom it is said no finer or better drilled corps of troops can be found in the state.  Major Genl. Hilderbrand of the Seventh Division has issued an order to organize 10,000 troops.  Washington Co. belongs to this Division.  Those in the River Counties are to remain at home & defend the border.  There are companies forming in most of the townships in this county.  They have already in Marietta those of the "Union Blues" who did not go to Columbus, who are filling up their ranks rapidly, the "Marietta Rifles" Capt. John C. Paxton -- "German Rifles" Capt. Jacob Konig -- "Irish Home Guard" Capt. H. Brenan  --"Silver Grays" Capt. C. W. Barker.  There is also a company of "light artillery" & a "Cavalry Company" in process of formation.  So we are getting ready for the fight.  Terrible as civil war is, we must do our duty.  God give us needed grace.  Certainly we have the right in this quarrel.  God grant it may be speedily and equitably settled.
Kate & the children came home with good likenesses of the latter.  William also returned from Chillicothe.

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