Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday, April 20, 1861

William & Mrs. Dawes went on early train to Marietta.  Lucy on second train.  --Mr. and Mrs. Burgess & Maggie here to dinner.  Marion and Kate went up to assist in putting the meeting house in order for Presbytery, which meets here next Tuesday.  
On his return from Marietta William said he never saw anything like the excitement in town.  The Union Blues were on parade and more people in the streets than usually attend the County Fair.  --The Telegraph today confirms the fight at Baltimore, but a smaller number was killed.  The 6th Massachusetts regiment was assailed and three of their number killed, and several wounded.  The Gov. of Massachusetts has today telegraphed the Mayor of Baltimore to have the bodies of the slain preserved in ice and sent home.  We can imagine the effect upon our Yankee kinsman, when they look upon the first blood shed by traitorous hands.  In the place of each dead soldier ten thousand living ones will start forth.
Virginia has seceded.  This places us on the border & we must look the monster secession in the face.  It is said however that western Virginia is strongly Union in sentiment, and it is possible she may break away and form a new state adhering to the "stars & stripes".                 --Wheeling city is raising a Company for U. S. service.  Parkersburg held a large Union meeting yesterday.  They have taken possession of the cannon which Gov. Wise sent them during the John Brown excitement and have nominated Carlisle of Harrison County (anti-secession) for Congress.
--Today Williamsport ran up the Union Flag.  --Still all is uncertain we know not what a day may bring forth
--With regard to Harpers Ferry it appears that Virginia sent 2,500 men to seize the arsenal and arms there, but the Lieutenant Jones acting under orders from the War Department burned the arsenal and 15,000 stand of arms and then retreated through Maryland with his command of thirty men---So the Old Dominion failed of her expected plunder.  ---President Lincoln has issued a proclamation blockading the southern ports.  The North backs up the government with money & men.

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