Friday, April 15, 2011

Monday, April 15, 1861

Train time has been changed & we have now two passenger trains in the morning each way, and one down in the afternoon which does not return until near midnight.  William went to Town.  A great deal of indignation is felt at the attack on Sumpter [sic], and the insult to the National Flag which was trailed in the dust at Charleston.  Gov. Dennison of this State has telegraphed to President Lincoln tendering 10,000 men.  Baby is still very dangerously sick.  The Dr. has been here twice a day for the last ten days, and is trying all he can to save her, but has little hope.  Ephraim came and staid all day & wrote for Wm.

Editor's Notes:
The trains, which Julia sometimes refers to as "the cars", ran between the town of Marietta, Ohio, and the Cutler home 6 miles away.

Wm. is William Cutler, the baby's father and Julia's brother.
Ephraim is Julia's nephew, Ephraim Cutler Dawes.

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