Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday April 22, 1861

William and Kate went to town on early train.  --A great concourse of people in town to see the Union Blues off and to attend the meeting to consult about the public safety.  Mr. Hickes preached a farewell sermon to the Union Blues last night,  ----which was highly spoken of.  Two united with the church.  A testament was presented to each of the Company. 
At the public meeting today a "committee of safety" consisting of nine gentlemen, of whom William is one, was appointed.  Dispatches were received from Columbus saying that six  guns, powder & artillery-men, would be in Marietta tonight  ---Dispatches from the East give assurance that the city of Washington is prepared for defence if attacked by the Southern troops as threatened.  W. B. Astor of New York tenders the government a loan of ten millions of dollars and offers four millions as a gift, and the Albany banks add three & a half million more  ---  So the sinews of war will not be wanting.  
The state of things in Baltimore is horrible  -- the city in possession of the mob, streets barricaded, no Northern man safe in it.  They threaten an attack upon Fort McHenry which is at Baltimore and has been re-inforced and will be defended.  Esquire Moore went a few days ago to Baltimore & Philadelphia to purchase goods for the store of Moore & Cutler at Tunnel Station.  We feel anxious for his safety.
Nancy Carlin came back today to live with us this summer.  William went to Chillicothe by the night train.

Editor's notes:
Kate lived in the Old Stone House with the Cutler's.  She was the niece of William and Julia and close friends with William's wife, Lizzie.

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