Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tuesday April 23, '61

Kate came home on the early train.  She saw the departure of the "Union Blues" yesterday.  Every man, woman & child in town seemed assembled on the common in front of the Congregational Church to say good-bye which was done with tears and waving of handkerchiefs and many a fervent "God bless you."  
Mr. Hughs preached the opening sermon of Presbytery.  A small attendance.  Notice was given that on Thursday a meeting of the citizens of Warren would be held to make arrangements to organize a home guard to defend the frontier in case of any aggressive movements on the part of the South.

Editor's notes:
Kate is Kate Dawes, the daughter of Sarah and Henry Dawes and a niece of Julia Cutler.  Kate lived in the Old Stone House with the William Cutler family and Julia Cutler.
Marietta, Ohio bordered the state of Virginia (West Virginia had not yet become a separate state.)  People in Marietta were naturally concerned about being so close to the border of a Southern state.

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