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Wednesday, April 17, 1861

I sat up last night with Kate to take care of the baby.  Lizzie is very much worn out with loss of rest and anxiety.  The baby's right foot burst open and blood came out--Her case has been a very severe one and has not yielded to medicine.  --This morning she seems better, and William, whose business calls him imperatively to Chillicothe started for that place this morning. He is assisting in preparing a statement of the affairs of the M & C RR which Mr. Wilson is to take to England.  It has been very hard for him to do it, amid all his solicitude about little Jennie.  Lucy came down today.  Mrs. Burgess has been here a great deal from Ironton, altho she has not been able to do anything having been sick during her absence.  This evening the babe is more feeble, we fear it will not live through tonight.

Editor's notes:
Lizzie is Lizzie Cutler, mother of the sick baby and wife of William Cutler.
Kate is Kate Dawes, a niece of William who lived with them.
Mrs. Burgess is Lizzie's mother, the baby's grandmother.
William was an officer on the board of the RailRoad.

The Old Stone House where the Cutler's lived

Lizzie Voris Cutler

William P. Cutler

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