Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday April 29

William went again to Chillicothe.  The Business of the road is entirely destroyed.  Not a pound of freight is shipped to Baltimore.  This state of things is disastrous to the commercial interests of the country.  We may all expect to feel "hard times" as never before.
Kate took the children to town today to get their daguerreotypes.
Seventy-one thousand troops have been tendered to Governor Dennison during the two weeks which have elapsed since his proclamation calling for volunteers, and still they come.  Pennsylvania has 38,000 ready for the field.  New York is ready with her quota.  Massachusetts has sent hers to the Capitol.  Rhode Island hers -- & so of all the free states.  It is a glorious Spectacle of Spontaneous patriotism.  It is doubted if ever in the history of the world anything has been seen like the uprising of the people -- as the heart of one man, to sustain this government.  God grant it may not be in vain.  May He, in his providence so order affairs that "the right" may be established and treason & oppression brought low.  We do not want any compromise, no patched up peace, let this quarrel be settled now & forever, that peace, when it comes, may be permanent.  Today's Gazette says that gentlemen from Va. & Maryland waited on President Lincoln and proposed an armistice until the meeting of Congress  --  --  which the President promptly negatived.  They then said "Twenty-five thousand troops could be raised to dispute the passage of government troops across Maryland."  Lincoln replied, he presumed "that there was room in Maryland to bury twenty-five thousand men".  All accounts agree that the army of the Confederate States is moving South.  It will probably concentrate at Richmond, Va., --  Beauregard has 35,000 trained men & expects 10, or 15,000 Virginians to join the Rattlesnake Standard.  Cobb of Georgia, in a recent speech, to the southern people advises them to go on & plant as usual as they will not be disturbed.  Virginia & the banks of the Ohio being the proposed battle field.  It is supposed that Gen. Scott is apprised of the plans of the Confederates and will lay his plans accordingly. We may safely trust our cause in the hands of God and to those whom He has providently placed at the head of our government.  I called on Mrs. Burgess as I returned from the Post Office.

Editor's notes:

  • When Julia writes of "the road", she is referring to the railroad.
  • The reference to Kate and the children refer to Julia's niece, Kate Dawes, and the children are the two living children of William and Lizzie Cutler, Annie and Sarah Julia Cutler.

Sarah Julia and Annie Cutler

  • Mrs. Burgess is Lizzie's mother and lived nearby.

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