Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday, April 18, 1861

Baby still living but breathing very short.  The Doctor came on early train, he thinks she will live through the day.  He will telegraph to William at Chillicothe that her symptoms are alarming. 
A little before ten o'clock A. M. she ceased breathing as she lay upon a pillow on Lucy's lap--   It is a very severe affliction to Lizzie to lose this lovely little babe so soon after burying Ephie.  She took the dear little one upon her own lap and with many tears washed and dressed her for the burial.  She was laid out in the crib & placed in the parlor the third of her children who have lain there.  She looked beautiful, her eyelids and lips a little parted as if she were just falling asleep,her little hand clasping the delicate forgetmenots--  We sent George to town to make arrangements for the funeral.  
Several friends came in during the day.  The funeral is appointed for tomorrow at ten o'colock.  --William came on the afternoon train--  Ephraim met him at Scott's Landing and told him that the baby was dead--  This is the third time he has come home to find the dead in his house.  When his first born, little Willie, died he was absent at Chillicothe and only got home to bury him; and when our dear father was taken, he was away East but got back to the funeral -- and now so with little Jennie.  --She was a sweet little child, well beloved of her parents, but while they grieve they know she is safe with the Saviour who blessed little children.  We do fade as a leaf, one after another of our family are laid in the grave and soon we shall all be there.  --"So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hears unto wisdom."
William said today that in view of the troubles impending in our own land, he thought the next generation would pass through such scenes as the world never saw.  Perhaps the dear little one now at rest was taken from trouble to come.  God has seen fit to take her, shall we doubt he does all things well?
"So fades the lovely blooming flower--
Frail smiling solace of an hour."

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