Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, Oct. 18

Mr. Israel Waters was here to dinner.  Sarah and Lucy came on the evening train.  They will stay till Monday.  
Much is said about the sufferings of our troops in the mountains of Virginia for want of blankets, overcoats, and comfortable clothing.  I hope the accounts are exaggerated, but it seems they are fast becoming unfit for service, on account of exposure to the cold rains which produce sickness, typhoid fever &c.  When I think what careful nursing and careful attention was necessary for William's recovery, I wonder any of the poor soldiers get well, neglected as they are.  It is said that in Gallipolis alone there are five hundred sick, sent back from Rosecrans' army.  They have also been sent to Cincinnati.  Those in the Marine Hospital were shamefully treated but the citizens are investigating the matter.  A number have been sent to Camp Dennison, where it is hoped they will be cared for.  The Secretary of War, Gen. Cameron is now in Ohio--he has been at St. Louis.  
It is said that the President has decided to remove Gen. Fremont from the command of the Western Department.  I am sorry for I like Fremont, but we are told that the relations between the Government and Fremont are such as to render the change absolutely necessary.  We are told that the President is Commander-in-Chief and must have entire control of his subordinates, and the people are asked to trust his knowledge and discretion.

Peggy's comments:
Sarah Dawes (Julia's older sister) and Sarah's daughter Lucy lived in Marietta--only 6 miles away.

General Fremont caused a great deal of concern for Lincoln.  His goals and actions did not always coincide with the President's goals.  To read an interesting appraisal of Fremont's actions, go here.

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