Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wednesday, Oct. 30

Kate took Emeline who spent the night with us, home in the buggy.  Lizzie canned apple sauce.  I made tomato pickles.  Nancy ironed.  All tired at night.

There are now sick in hospital at Galliplis 400 or our soldiers from the western Virginia army, and many more have been sent to Cincinnati and Camp Dennison.   The ladies at these places are doing much for the comfort of the invalids.  The Marietta ladies have contributed supplies for the Gallipolis hospital.  Mr. Beman Gates and others who have visited the Army under Rosecrans say that they are now completely clothed and fed, and provided with all things needful; that the complaints cone from those who are invalids and physically unable to endure hardship; and from those who have previous to enlistment been accustomed to luxurious living and, so, murmur at soldiers' fare, however good.

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