Monday, October 17, 2011

Thurs. Oct. 17

Mr. Hunter and John Bailey came to sell out John's interest in the property near the meeting house &c. which William bought for nine hundred dollars.  Kate and Lizzie went to Mr. Burgess' to dine.  Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Harriet Means, Mrs. Evans and Miss Maria Woodbridge are spending the day there.  It has been a rainy day.  A large number of horses and mules for the army have passed down the road today.  

Peggy's comments:

Kate, Julia's niece, and Lizzie, William's wife, were about the same age.  They went to the Burgess's (Lizzie's mother and step-father) who lived within walking distance.

Here's a stereoscope picture of mules and wagons used during the Civil War.  This picture was taken in 1862 in Virginia.

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