Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday, Oct. 19

We are anxious to hear from Rufus.  His brigade we find from the newspapers, is now in M'Dowell's division and is at Vienna.  A battle has been expected for several days, but the rebels do not seem anxious to fight.  We get no letters now.  Ephe came home unexpectedly on the evening train on a furlough until Tuesday.  He looks very well and seems to be in good spirits.  The regiment is filling up slowly but he thinks it will will succeed, hopes it will be full in two weeks.  Unexpected difficulties have occurred to retard the increase of numbers.  Sarah and Lucy went home with Ephe shortening their visit here.

Peggy's comments:
Rufus was still near Washington, DC at Arlington Heights.  Reading his book Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers, I find no evidence that he sent to Vienna to the Battle of Ball's Bluff which occurred October 21,1861.

Ephe Dawes, Rufus's brother, was the Adjutant of the 53rd Ohio Volunteers.  The regiment needed to reach a quota before it was accepted and assigned into service.

Lucy was Ephe's sister and Sarah was his mother.

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