Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 23

I spent most of the day in the garden preparing tulip beds and monthly roses for winter.  A large number, I should think three or four hundred army horses taken down today, one man to every five horses.  Some of those who were leading the horses seemed to be mere boys.  I was sorry to see them.  It is a bad school for them.  
The reported death of Lieut. Kelly is false.  He sent the despatch about Tilton's death.  A battle at Edwards Ferry -- severe.  Col. E. D. Baker, senator from Oregon was killed  -- much regretted.

Peggy's Comments:
Lincoln named his second son, Edward Baker Lincoln, after his close friend Edward Dickinson Baker.  Col. Edward Baker, a senator from Oregon, was killed in battle in Virginia, the only sitting Senator to die in the Civil War.  Commemorative activities to honor the senator are taking place this year both in Oregon and in Virginia.

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