Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday Oct. 31

Ohio has now 60,250 enlisted men, 83 regiments of infantry have been authorized, 38 of these are now in active service in Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.  There are also five companies of cavalry and eleven batteries of Artillery.  All eyes look toward the Army of the Potomac, but M'Clellan keeps his own counsel.  When he really strikes a blow we believe by the blessing of God it will be effectual.  
The great Naval Expedition has sailed from Fortress Monroe under command of Commodore S. F. Dupont.  The armament consists of about 400 guns.  There are more than fifty vessels in the fleet which will be augmented by some now on the coast.  The Wabash, carrying fifty guns of the most formidable description is the flag ship.  Her crew include about 650 men and marines.  The military part of the expedition consists of at least 15,000 men under command of Gen. Thos. W. Sherman formerly of "Sherman's Battery". He is considered one of the best officers in the army.  All the Generals with this force are West Point graduates.  The destination is not yet made public.  Under God who alone is sovereign we look to the Amy of the Potomac and the Naval Expedition to crush the Rebellion.  
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bailey spent the evening here.

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Two images of the flag ship, the Wabash.

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