Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday Oct. 24

Lizzie went to Marietta with her mother on a visit.  Mr. Burgess and Mr. Brice called.  I went with the children nutting.  William had John climb the trees and eat off the nuts.  George also was along and gathered some excellent Hill grapes.  Pleasant day.
Lucy came down to spend the night.  She brought a letter from Rufus who is now in McDowells Division.  The Wisconsin Sixth is in Virginia near Arlington Heights.  He says they work hard.  He considers the grand reviews a great bore.  The last one, of King's brigade to which his regiment belongs was attended by Secretary Seward.  Prince de Joinville and Lord Lyons.  

Peggy's comments:
Lizzie, William Cutler's wife, had grown up living near the Cutler's Old Stone House.  Her mother, Mrs. Burgess, still lived nearby with Lizzie's stepfather Dyer Burgess.

Rufus Dawes, Julia's nephew, wrote frequently throughout his service during the war, and used the letters and his journals to write Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers, which was published in 1890.

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