Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday Oct. 28

Mr. Burgess and Mr. Kimball here in the afternoon, staid to tea.  Today's paper gives particulars of the fight at Edwards Ferry in which Col. Baker fell.  Many of our soldiers are dead, wounded or missing.  Some accounts say 1000.  This is probably an exaggerated statement.  The rebels admit a loss of 300.  Is our land to be indeed, a land of graves and a field of blood?  The body guard of Gen. Fremont under Major Zagoni, made a brilliant charge on 2000 of the enemy drawn up in line of battle at Springfield, Mo. and completely routed them.

Peggy's comments:
Mr. Burgess, Lizzie Cutler's step-father, was formerly a minister and Mr. Kimball was the current Presbyterian minister from Marietta.

The fight at Edward's Ferry was an example of a battle fought because of miscommunication.   Here's an account written by historian James Morgan.
And here's a map of the area from Harper's Weekly, Sept. 21, 1861:

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