Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday Oct. 25

Not so pleasant as yesterday.  A late Intelligence says that the quota of Washington Co. is nine hundered and six, one in every forty inhabitants, our population being 36, 236.  We have already sent into the service 1200 men, viz: five full companies of infantry, Capt. King's, Fell's, Devol's, Palmer's and Moore's, one of cavalry, Capt. Pattin's, also Capt. Buell's company.  Besides there are parts of companies.  Capt. Rhodes 50, Capt. Jumper 50, DeBecks Artillery 50, Bolles' Cavalry 50, and 200 men guarding the railroad.  Two other regiments have been authorized and are now being formed at Marietta, the 63' Col. Craig at Camp Putnam and the 77" Col Hilderbrand at Camp Tupper on the Elevated Square.  Col. Hilderbrand desired to call his camp, "Cutler", in compliment to William, but the Nyes claimed the "honor".  The Col. would not have it "Camp Nye."  They finally compromised on "Tupper".   Lizzie came home this evening.

Peggy's comments:
Julia may be referring to the Marietta Intelligencer, a tri-weekly Republican leaning newspaper that was published between 1839 and 1862.

It is clear that Julia thinks that Washington County Ohio has contributed its share of men to the war effort.

Ichabod Nye was one of the original settlers in Marietta, Ohio.  His descendants continued to live and be active in Marietta.

Anselm Tupper was a revolutionary war officer and subsequently one of the original pioneers to Marietta, Ohio.  He served as Marietta's first school teacher and was admired as a scholar and welcomed into society.  Naming a camp after him was non-controversial.  Camp Tupper  was located on the elevated green between Third and Fourth Streets and Sacra Via and Warren in Marietta.  It was the encampment and training grounds for the 77th Ohio.

The correct spelling of the Colonel of the 77th Ohio is Jesse Hildebrand.

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