Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday Oct. 14

Marion came down from Marietta today.  She will spend the week here.  Kate went with Mrs. Bailey to make calls and see what people would do to supply soldiers with socks and blankets.  Theodore Greenwood came for a letter of recommendation to Secretary Cameron, which William gave.

Peggy's notes:
I believe that Marion was a friend of Sarah Cutler Dawes and lived in Marietta.  She is often mentioned in connection with Sarah, but so far, I've not seen her last name.  This is a bit unusual as Julia tended to record first and last names, except for family.

Kate Dawes, Julia's niece, lived with Julia and the Cutlers in the Old Stone House.

I don't know Theodore Greenwood, although George Greenwood was a neighbor of the Cutlers.  Secretary Cameron was serving as Lincoln's Secretary of War.

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