Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friday, May 27" 1864

Lizzie & litle Sarah went to town with William.  He came home on the 11 o’clock train and went back on the three o’clock, & brought them home on the cars in the evening.   Lizzie got Nancy a pretty black calico dress and gave her for helping do the papering.   Nancy & I worked at the entry all the time we could & nearly finished papering it.  An old man called and wanted to tell fortunes.  I told him No!  Our fortunes came to us fast enough.  So he went on.  Mrs. W. D. McClure returned Lizzie’s and my call.  Mr. A. S. Bailey called -- he was first Lieutenant in Co. K. 148 Regt National Guards but his Co. being consolidated with another, the Lieutenants were thrown out -- This Regiment is reported to be at Harpers Ferry.  Martha Colville who sews for us has a brother & several realties in Col. Moore’s Regiment.
Ephe is twenty four years old to-day.  How little we expected for him such a life of peril as he is now enduring.  Our heavenly Father has mercifully preserved both him & Rufus hitherto -- may they both be kept unharmed to the end.  Sister Sarah sent down to me a letter just recieved from him.  He passed safely through the battle of Resaca Ga.  His regiment lost 47 killed and wounded and were very highly complimented by Generals Lightburn & Smith.  He writes that they were “perfectly wild with enthusiasm”.  Sherman’s advance into Georgia has been thus far a perfect success.  Ephe is in Lightburn’s Brigade, Morgan L. Smith’s Division & in McPherson’s Corp.  Ephe’s horse was shot under him.

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