Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sabbath, May 29 1864

Attended Sabbath school & preaching.  We are to have sacrament next Sabbath and preparatory lecture at two o’clock the Saturday preceding.

Peggy's comments:
Rufus wrote very frequently to his wife Mary.  Here is a portion of a letter written on May 29:

Two days and nights of incessant marching has placed us within seventeen miles of Richmond, the heart of the rebellion.  A glorious achievement!  The thousands of this army are full of admiration and gratitude for the man who has pushed back the rebel army thirty miles without a general battle.  The nearer we get to an investment of Richmond, the less we regard our danger of bloody fighting, and our men are intensely anxious to get forward as far as their legs without help of their muskets will carry them.  Our advance is now within fourteen miles of Richmond.  We are now waiting in line to move forward.

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