Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wednesday, May 18, 1864

Mrs. Sarah C. Dawes came on the accommodation train & returned home at 3 o’clock.  She brought with her several intersting documents & papers from among Gen. Rufus Putnam’s papers.  Some of which she wishes me to copy.
Headache all day.  Letters from Martha Carter inclosing a pretty photograph of Julia Farmstead, my little namesake.

Gen. Sherman captured at Resaca 1000 prisoners and eight guns.  It is said that 20,000 of our wounded in the late battles in Virginia have left Belle Plain for Washington.

Peggy's comments:

Rufus Dawes wrote to his wife Mary on May 18:

Line of Battle near Spottsylvania Court House, May 18th 8 A. M. 1864 
Alive and well this morning.  There has been sharp fighting to our right, indeed there is heavy skirmishing along the whole line as I write.  I have heard that your father is at Fredericksburg.  It is impossible to communicate with him.

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