Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wednesday, May 4, 1864

I went with Mrs. Dawes to Marietta.  We rode from Scott’s Landing to Harmar in a caboose which had no seats & of course we had to stand.  Mrs. Kramer, wife of Gen. Levy (?) Kramer was on the car, she is a very pleasant woman, her brother Henry Hutchinson who has been so long sick was also on, he looks very feeble.  Byron Repport & a Mr. Hamm also convalescent soldiers were with him.  They all look as if they had suffered.  Rode from Harmar across the Muskingum bridge to Mrs. Dawes’ on Fourth Street in the omnibus.  Mrs. Andrews called, also Mrs. Mary Dawes & Mrs. Gates &c.  Late letters from Rufus.  He was at Culpepper Court House Va with Grant.  He is in Warren’s Corps (5th) Wadsworth’s Div (4”) & Cutler’s Brigade.

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