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Sabbath, May 15, 1864

Our Sabbath School contributed $10 for a communion service for one of the Mountain churches in Persia to be sent to Mr. Shedd by Mr. Coan.  Mr. Curtis in accordance with the President’s Proclamation, gave thanks for our successes against the rebels in Virginia, & asked the blessing of God upon the future efforts of our Army.  Mr. Curtis took tea here.

Peggy's comment:

Julia's niece, Jane Dawes Shedd was a missionary in Persia along with her husband, Rev. John Haskell Shedd.

This is Lincoln's Proclamation to which Julia refers:

Executive Mansion, Washington,
To the friends of Union & Liberty. May 9, 1864.
Enough is known of Army operations within the last five days to claim our especial gratitude to God; while what remains undone demands our most sincere prayers to, and reliance upon, Him, without whom, all human effort is vain. I recommend that all patriots, at their homes, in their places of public worship, and wherever they may be, unite in common thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God. ABRAHAM LINCOLN
The above press release appeared in the newspapers on May 10, 1864.

Rufus Dawes was involved in the battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania.  On May 15 he again wrote to his wife, Mary Gates Dawes:

I find this morning that I am reported killed in the New York papers.  The report may be verified before this awful struggle is over, but I may still escape, and to have this unnecessary burden of trouble thrown upon you, is very trying.  I am almost prostrated with over exertion and with fighting, but alive and well, and feeling more hopeful.  Colonel Bragg is alive and well.  He has been published as killed, and is troubled lest the same shock has come to his wife.  I received your letter of the second of May last night.  I have had two letters since the first day of the battles.  Our army is fearfully exhausted and worn out.

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