Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tuesday, May 24, 1864

Mrs. Dawes & I went down to the scene of the disorder on the R. R.  Saw the broken cars -- blood, &c.
Looking over old papers with Mrs. Dawes.  Heavy rain after dinner but stopped in time for Mrs. Dawes and myself to go to town on three o’clock train.  I went to Miss Brigham’s the dressmaker’s and tried on my dress, then called at Mr. Gates’ and saw Mary who is suffering great anxiety about Rufus.  I then took tea at Mrs. Dawes’ and went with Lucy to the Point and then over to the depot and home again by evening train.
I took up to Marietta a watch which Charles Gates left at Mrs. McClure’s for his mother.  It had been injured by the accident to the cars.  I left it with Mary.

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