Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Friday, May 6th, 1864

Lucy is preparing a box to send to Jane in Persia -- dresses for herself & little Charlie.  They are also sending a book with 50 photographs mostly Marietta friends, this is from Rufus’ wife -- I tried to get my photograph for it but did not succeed.  I sent an ambrotype instead.  Mary Nye has called two or three times.  She is sending a package to Charlie.  Mrs. Dawes got her photograph, I think it is good.  William was here to dinner, he has just received a dispatch from Dr. Fulton saying that his wife Louisa (Cutler) Fulton is dead.  I am very sorry to hear this,  She was a lovely woman, far too good for him.
Mr. Wilson is here from New York & William came to meet hin,

I went shopping with Lucy.  Mrs. Dawes & I took tea with Mrs. Gates.  Mr. And Mrs. Bosworth were there.  Called with Mrs. Dawes in the evening on Mrs. F. Dodge, found her suffering from a sore eye.  Mrs. W. Andrews called.

Peggy's notes:
Julia mentions many people in this entry!  Here is information about some of them:
Lucy Dawes is Rufus Dawes's sister.
Jane is also a sister to Rufus, Lucy, and Ephraim.  Jane and her husband, Rev. John Shedd, had been serving as missionaries in Persia since 1859.  Their son, little Charlie, was three years old.
Rufus's wife is Mary Gates Dawes.
Mrs. Gates is Mary Gates Dawes's mother.
Mr. Bosworth was Sala Bosworth, a painter.  His wife was Mary Gates Dawes's aunt.

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