Monday, May 12, 2014

Thursday, May 12th, 1864

Mrs. Terril is here helping clean house.  We have cleaned the old kitchen & whitewashed and cleaned the sitting room -- owing to the wetness of the weather, and the sickness of several of the “praying women” we had no prayer meeting to-day -- Henry O. McClure called, he is at home a few days, but starts tomorrow to rejoin the 36th which is now in the Army of Kaneohe under Gen. Crook who was their first Colonel.  Henry McClure has for some months had command of Gen. Baird’s body guard consisting of 40 men.  He is brave, faithful & gentlemanly and well deserves promotion but does not expect to get it.   
Mr. Burgess was here to-day -- the maddest man I have seen lately.  Mr. W. D. Bailey’s geese had trespassed upon his premises, he pronounced Mr. Bailey a villain, a scoundrel, only fit for the penitentiary, totally without honor, &c, &c.    

Dr. Hart came to see Mrs. Cutler again this morning -- he thinks her better.

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