Friday, September 12, 2014

Monday. Sept. 12.” 1864

William went to Marietta this morning but returned on the Accommodation Train at 11 o’clock, Col. Dawes came with him.
Mrs. Cutler went up to see her mother, she rode Black Dan, a spirited young horse, while I conveyed Sarah across the meadow & then returned.
This afternoon Mr. & Mrs Horace Tibet's, formerly of South Danvers, Mass. but now of Marietta, called here with a letter of introduction from our cousin, Fitch Poole Esq..  We handed them watermelon, grapes &c.
William & Col. Dawes started in the carriage for Pennsville, Morgan Co. where William is to make a political Speech to-morrow, and on Wednesday he is to speak at Windsor.
Mrs. Dawes went up to town this afternoon.  She is not well, but is decidedly better than when she came down.
Little Sarah, came home this evening.  Mrs. Cutler is sick and will stay all night at Mr. Burgess’s.

No mail tonight.

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