Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wednesday Sept 7”. 1864

A pleasant day.  Busy.  Swept house and twisted stocking yarn on big wheel.  Mr. Johnson of Decatur called with his boy, gave them a lunch and some melons.
Emeline McClure and Mrs. W. D. Bailey here to tea.  W. D. McClure spent the evening here.  Tom J. Bailey called to say that Mr. Foster on the State Road wanted William to buy his farm.
I sat up till eleven o’clock, expecting William.  I can not help feeling nervous when he is away attending these political meetings.  The copperheads have threatened his life repeatedly, but hitherto the Lord has kept him.  The train did not get in until near midnight, but I got a letter from William saying that there had been some changes in the programme & he should not be at home before Friday.

Mr. Burgess was here twice today.  Gen. John Morgan who led the famous “Morgan Raid” upon Indiana & Ohio is reported killed in Tennessee.

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