Monday, September 8, 2014

Thursday Sept. 8” 1864

Martha Colville started home today to see her brother who belongs to the 148” regiment of 100 days men.  They have been on service in East Virginia and have just got home.  Nancy took her in the buggy as far as Mr. McTaggarts.
Mr. Burgess here as usual for me to read the news paper to him.  He can not exist without the news & yet scarcely a day’s events fail to excite & irritate him.  He is just as angry at me on account of the articles I read to him, as if I endorsed, or wrote them! ----

Col. Dawes and his contraband William Jackson were here today.  Rainy.

Peggy's comment:
Male slaves who escaped the south and offered to serve the Union Army were known as "contraband". 

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